Our Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of our most frequently asked questions. Please email us on info@happynappyz.co.nz if we haven't been able to answer your question here. Thank you.

What is the best way to dispose of the Ecoriginals nappies?

We suggest putting them a biodegradable bag and either taking them to a commercial compost facility if you have one near you. Or, you can put them in a biodegradable bag and then in to the normal rubbish collection.

Can I compost your Ecoriginals nappies?

If you were to remove the plastic tabs and tape the tabs adhere to, and the elastic in the leg cuffs, you could compost our nappies. However, you aren’t supposed to compost faeces! So we recommend you dispose of our nappies in the normal rubbish instead. Through years of testing it is impossible to offer an eco-disposable nappy that performs well without having to still use some components with plastic. Our nappies are no less than 80% biodegradable.

We consider our nappy to be as environmentally friendly as current technology allows but will continue to incorporate new ingredients as they come to market.

What does being biodegradable actually mean?

To be certifiably biodegradable the needs to breakdown in normal conditions within 3 months. 80-90% of the Ecoriginals nappy does this. In regular disposable nappies almost none of it degrades during this time and there is not proof to suggest the plastics in the nappy will ever degrade, certainly not within the next 400 years - that’s the major difference.

How easily can the Ecoriginals nappies break down in a landfill?

The dynamics of each individual landfill site can affect how quickly or long our nappy takes to break down like any other rubbish. Landfill sites are getting much better in their designs these days with much stricter regulations so the levels of oxygen present or not can vary as each site can be managed differently and rubbish can be circulated with machinery to ensure degradation is occurring. Some of these newer sites promote biodegradation through the injection of water, oxygen and microbes. Commonly thing’s like vermin and bacteria found at landfill sites help to break down nappies also.

Biodegradability can occur without oxygen present, it just takes longer. The important fact is that if you dispose of a product that contains predominantly biodegradable ingredients such as our nappy then it will break down much faster compared to a conventional nappy full of plastic. Our nappies are no less than 80% biodegradable.

Separately to the nappies our 100% compostable bag packaging we are using will quickly and easily break down which is cutting edge for our industry internationally and is certified compostable. That makes Ecoriginals the most Eco nappy solution available!

What should I do if I have had a leaking nappy?

Send us an email to info@happynappyz.co.nz with your feedback including when the leaking occurred (day or night), your child’s age, height and weight. This will help us to understand if the correct size has been purchased. If you are unsure if perhaps the nappy is faulty, a great way to check is to lie a clean nappy on a clean dry bench space, and slowly fill between 1 to 1.5 cups of lukewarm water into the nappy inside. Take care not to spill any water on the bench or the outside of the nappy. Once the nappy has absorbed a lot of liquid, please leave it without touching it for some hours or even until the next morning and then pick up and touch the nappy. It should be very heavy with absorbed liquid, but dry all over the back. If this works correctly then you know that the nappy itself isn’t faulty, and you will need to look to the sizing of the nappy on your baby.

What are the Ecoriginals nappies made from?

Our unique leak barrier uses Cardia Compostable film, instead of the normal plastic layer, meaning the nappy is more breathable for your baby (this layer is up to 5 times more breathable than the traditional plastic layer used in conventional disposable nappies).

Our material is made from plant based ingredients.
No harmful chemicals and fragrances (our nappies are completely free from chlorine, phthalates, fragrances, lotions, latex and heavy metals).
The absorbent core is made up of sustainably farmed wood pulp and a super absorbent material.
The leg cuffs are made of non-latex elastic, and the tabs are made from plastic material.
World first 100% compostable packaging using Cardia Compostable instead of plastic packaging.

We consider our nappy to be as environmentally friendly as current technology allows but will continue to incorporate new ingredients as they come to market.

Please explain the weight ranges for your nappies?

Ecoriginals nappies are currently available in 5 sizes based on the most popular sizes required by parents. We are currently working on a newborn size for the parents with babies that are a little too small to fit into our infant size.

Please check our nappy sizing page for more detailed information. This is to be used as a ‘guide only’ as every child has their own unique body shape, weight and height for their age. Two Children can be the same age but require 2 different size nappies.
With each size nappies there is an overlap with the kilos. But as an example, your baby may weigh 9kg’s but still be best suited to the infant size. It is an individual choice for each child.

For a more detailed explanation for each size please follow this link: https://www.ecoriginals.com.au/nappy-sizing/

Are these nappies from New Zealand?

No, they are from our parent company Ecoriginals in Australia. We are the exclusive New Zealand stockists for Ecoriginals. You can read about how they developed the nappies on their website here: https://www.ecoriginals.com.au/about-us/

Our European ranges are sourced from our suppliers in Europe.

Are there Ecoriginals nappies for newborn, premature babies or nappy pull ups for the toddlers?

Currently our smallest size is Newborn Plus with the weight range of 4kg’s-6kg’s. Each baby is different in their body shape so some babies will fit into this nappy straight away and other’s may need to wait for a little while.

Ecoriginals  are working on releasing a smaller newborn nappy for the first few weeks for little babies which will be 2-4kgs and are also working on pull ups which should be both available in early 2019.

How many nappies are there in a packet?

The number of nappies in each packet vary from pack to pack. In the new born packs there are more nappies because the nappies are smaller.

In our Ecoriginals range, which cost $17.99 at the normal (non special offer price), there are:

New Born Plus pack - 4-6kg 32 nappies per pack - Costing 56 cents per nappy

Infant pack - 5-9kg 32 nappies per pack - Costing 56 cents per nappy

Crawler pack - 7-13kg 30 nappies per pack - Costing 60 cents per nappy

Toddler pack - 10-15kg 24 nappies per pack - Costing 75 cents per nappy

Walker pack - 14-20kg 22 nappies per pack - Costing 81 cents per nappy

In our European Value Range, which cost $29.99, there are:

New Born packet - 2-5kg 108 nappies per pack - Costing 28 cents per nappy

Infant packet - 3-6kg 102 nappies per pack - Costing 29 cents per nappy

Crawler Pack - 4-9kg 100 nappies per pack - Costing 27 cents per nappy

Toddler Pack - 7-18kg 96 nappies per pack - Costing 30 cents per nappy

Junior Pack - 18-30kg 80 nappies per pack - Costing 37 cents per nappy

XL Pack - 20-35kg 72 nappies per pack - Costing 45 cents per nappy

In our Premium European range, which cost $34.99 per pack, there are:

Infant pack - 3-6kg 84 nappies per pack - Costing 42 cents per nappy

Toddler pack - 7-18kg 80 nappies per pack - Costing 44 cents per nappy

Junior pack - 16-30kg 64 nappies per pack - Costing 40 cents per nappy